Wednesday, September 29, 2010

2nd Generation Canadians born abroad are no longer officially Canadians

For any Canadians not living in Canada, this is important, if you have children in that other country; you will easily be able to obtain Canadian citizenship for your child.  However, if they have children down the road in another country, those grandchildren of yours will not automatically be Canadian citizens, like your children; they will have to go through the immigration process pretty much like any foreigner.

This may seem like a small, far-away issue now, but it's really important to keep this in mind, and tell your children when they are older, so they can at least make an informed decision about where to have their kids.

I've been living in Mexico for 4 years now, and I have 2 year old son who was born here, and another on the way.  Since the law was just changed recently, and people are already complaining about it, I hope that by the time my grand kids come around, someone will have changed it back to where 2nd generation Canadians born abroad will automatically be Canadian citizens.  But if not, I just hope I remember to tell my kids about it before they run into surprises 25 years from now.

Here's a story of someone who discovered this recently changed law, unfortunately the hard way.  He was born in Scotland, to Canadian parents, and lived most of his life in Canada, only to discover that his son recently born in Peru is not a Canadian citizen:

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