Sunday, March 16, 2014

"The Handsome Frog" - The Gift of a Story!

On Friday, while we were away at the church, a friend who had been visiting decided to stay at the house until we got back.  In the mean time, her 12-year-old daughter wrote a story for us.  What a wonderful gift a story is, especially when it's written just for your family!

Here's a picture of the page, with the text typed below:

The text (there are a few slips, but I'll leave it exactly as she wrote it):
Once upon a time there lived a frog, his name was James.  James lived in a pond filled with lily pads and dragonflys fly over him.  And he could always see the sunrise and the sunset.  Theose were his most favourite things to do sit and watch the sun.
James loved to eat flys big ones in July, August.  Sometimes he even made fly salad.  His favourite season was summer he loved to play tag with his Best friends and go swimming.  His very Best friends name was Albert.  James and Albert always wanted to look their best in a good way, not to put anybody down but they always thought it was good to be handsome.

Sometimes they would go shopping together.  Usually it is the girls that go shopping but they didn't care what other frogs thought they just did what they felt was right.  "So it doesn't matter what other people think of you, you just got to do what you feel is right"!

Hope You Enjoyed This Story!!
I don't think I'll be rushing off to go shopping, but certainly not because of what other people think!

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