Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Would you move to Mexico?

Today it's not really a blog post, but just a way to get some thoughts from any of you who are reading.  Just two questions, that I really hope you take a minute to answer.

If you are not Mexican, would you consider moving to Mexico?  Why or why not?
If you are Mexican, would you consider moving to another country?  Which one, and why?

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Share your thoughts;  I'll write some blogs about whatever answers you give.


  1. ¡Yes! I am from Michigan in the U.S. and I would, will, and am living in Mexico.

    Why? Well, I have a touch of adventurous spirit in me. That´s what started it all. Not as much as Jacob, but some. Every day it seems like there is some new challenge to face. Not always pleasant but it´s hard to get bored here and I like that. My own country and culture aren´t always very interesting.

    Other reasons why? It`s a love/hate thing for sure, but I have important people here, I have more opportunity to do more interesting work here; as hard as THAT might be to believe, and I think it`s important for me to get out of my own ¨fishbowl¨. I wish everyone could at least try another ¨fishbowl¨.

    While I´m at it... thanks to Jacob for giving me my first foothold here in Mexico by hiring me at Harmon Hall, Santa Fe, D.F. Moving to another country with such a different culture was a little scary (ok, a lot scary) and having a job quickly helped a lot!

  2. I moves to another country. I'm Mexican. I really didn't decide it although the final decision was given to me. My husband had a growing opportunity, at his job of course!, and it was at US. Back then I also had a new job offer, a good one. Money talking mine was over his but professionally and future talking his was thousand times better then. So we move and my adventure started. that was 5 years ago. I still miss Mexico, I missed my country as crazy for the 1st year and then I gave me the chance to knew this one. and then little crazy kids came to my world and I don't care any more where we live as soon as they are healthy and have the opportunity to be happy :).

  3. Living in another country is a great experience. Of the places I've lived, Mexico has grown the most on me. Sometimes I miss Canada, some times I don't. I'm still, without a doubt, Canadian culturally (I am a Mexican citizen), but I love many, many things about Mexico.

    "Little crazy kids," as you said, Sabrina, change everything! They make you think a lot about being an expat, cultural values, language, etc. But as you said, the most important thing is that they learn to be happy where ever they are. It's a challenge, but a wonderful one.

  4. Antes que nada quiero disculparme por escribir en español en un foro en ingles pero me cuesta mucho trabajo escribir en ingles.

    Soy mexicano y amo mi pais a pesar de tantos problemas que tiene, pienso que si mexico no tuviera problemas de inseguridad y desigualdad social tan notorios mexico seria un paraiso, seria perfecto, yo vivo en una ciudad con poca desigualdad e inseguridad pero aun asi no me agrada ver que mientras yo vivo bien hay otros que pueden llegar a sufrir mucho sobre todo por falta de dinero.

    Soy descendiente de españoles y me encanta la historia, geografia etc y uno de mis sueñoes es vivir en europa por lo menos 6 meses, mi idea es irme a españa a conocer un poco de mi origen y conseguir la nacionalidad española ya que para un mexicano solo con vivir en españa 2 años es suficiente y una vez siendo español viajar y trabajar en varios paises europeos gracias a la union europea pero despues de varios años de tener la gran oportunidad de vivir en europa unos años regresaria a mexico y aqui pasaria el resto de mi vida.

    Ese era mi sueño hasta que conoci a una canadiense este verano que me cayo como cubetazo de agua fria, es decir ella podria cambiar el destino de todos mis sueños de vivir en europa y tal vez termine llendome unos años a Canada y no Europa pero si me voy regresare a mexico, otra opcion seria irnos juntos de aventura por europa y despues a canada y mexico, a mi la verdad eso de quedarme en un lugar y hacer dinero en un lugar fijo no me gusta, prefiero estar pobre pero viajar por todo el mundo. pero en general me encanta mi pais.

  5. Por que me encanta mexico? por su gran variedad en todo sentido, variedad de climas, paisajes, ciudades, etinica, de tradiciones, etc, eso me encanta.

    Por otro lado vivo en una ciudad increible, sin tanta desigualdad social e inseguridad como la hay en otras partes de mexico ademas que en invierno no hace frio pero tampoco calor y si quiero frio en una hora me voy a unas montañas nevadas y si quiero bañarme en aguas calidas en 40 minutos me voy a la playa a tomar el sol pero como vivo en una ciudad pequeña hay veces que todo se vuelve muy rutinario y aburrido o simplemente asi de compras y asi que en una hora con 30 minutos me voy a una de las ciudades mas grandes de mexico, por eso me encanta mi pais.

  6. I would love to live in mexico the mexican peaple are great!