Friday, November 5, 2010

Have you ever flushed your phone down the toilet?

This post is for the person who I love the most in the world!  For everyone else reading it, I have a few questions:

  • Have you ever flushed your cell phone down the toilet?
  • Have your glasses fall off down into the lower level of subway station, while you were admiring the artwork below?
  • How about turning the image on your computer screen upside down while trying to lower the volume?
  • Have you broken an AC adapter/charger just by touching it?
  • Maybe you've discovered the circuit board on your camera was burnt out by invading ants (which were also fried in the process)?

If you are like most people, I assume you would answer "no" to all or at least most of these questions.  My wife, Cecilia, would answer "yes" to all of them and many, many similar incidents.

Last night, I heard a scream coming from upstairs, followed by "Jacob, you're not going to believe this."  Not knowing exactly what I wasn't going to believe, and thinking we would be making a trip to the hospital (she's 38 weeks pregnant right now), I went running up the stairs to find her looking down into the toilet, and saying "My cell phone!  I flushed it down!  Ahhh!!"

My worry disappeared in a moment, and I began laughing uncontrollably.  She started laughing too, mixed with crying.  I hugged her, but couldn't keep from laughing.  Our 2 year-old son looked on with confusion, not knowing whether to be worried or to laugh with us.  When I stopped laughing, he took me by the hand, and re-explained the situation to me (since he had been informed first) pointing into the toilet to make it clear to me where the cell phone had gone; in his eyes, I hadn't understood the seriousness of the incident.  He then took me downstairs to find my cell phone and ensure that it was safely away from the toilet.  Meanwhile, my wife continued laughing/crying upstairs.

Because of this kind of event, we buy those $30 dollar cell phones that come with $20 of free pre-paid credit. (To be fair, I also lost one - it fell out of a new belt-clip case that I had bought the same day, on the bus.)

Four years ago this toilet incident would have surprised and concerned me.  In fact, about a week after I met her, when she lost her glasses in a Mexico City subway station, I was very surprised and concerned.  Knowing what I know now, it all makes sense.  She has some sort of bad luck with technology, electronic items and glasses.

This is a part of my wife's personality, a part of who she is; and I love this part of her!  Going through life together, she is the greatest motivation, support and inspiration for me, and it's a great joy to be with her every day, so I can definitely live with cell phones being flushed down the toilet, cameras being eaten by ants, and all the rest of it.

I love you, Cecy!

(Tonight, as I finished this post, my son came to ask me for my cell phone to lend it to my wife; again, he took the time to explain to me why she needed to borrow mine ...)


  1. Jacob, I had to go to the bathroom once at work and I was wearing a pair of gloves. Well, I took the gloves off and put them on my shoulder while I peed. after I peed I bent forward to flush the toilet and as soon as I bent forward and hit he flush lever,the gloves fell off my shoulder and into the toilet. I cloggeged EVERYTHING up and we had to call a plumber. He asked,¨did some fool flush a pair of gloves down the toilet¨. Well, yes! It was Me. A low point in my life! ;) I just kept my mouth shut, though!

  2. Todd, that's great! Good work on not saying anything. I'm sure more people have done something like this than admit to it. Cecy had the misfortune of having no way to hide it (from me.)

    Fortunately, I think the cell phone went down the pipes nice and easy; it was small. No clogging, no plumber.