Thursday, December 16, 2010

WARNING: Mexico is DANGEROUS! Do not come here - unless ...

Are you safe in Mexico?
If you are a young traveller, coming to Mexico alone, this could happen to you:

It has happened to many unsuspecting and unaware Americans, Canadians, English people and even a few Germans who arrive in Mexico, taking their vacations – innocent tourists caught in a trap they never knew about, who never return home.

It happened to me.  I came to Mexico on a three week vacation, thinking I was coming for warm weather, a lot of fun and colorful culture.  I had heard some stories, but I never thought I would be the next victim.

Before my 3 week vacation was ended, all my great plans had been thrown out the window, and I met a Mexican woman; I decided to stay in Mexico, mostly because of her.  I cancelled plans for school, for work and what I thought was going to be a stable life back home, and have been living in Mexico ever since.  I've been with that same woman during this time, and except for a few staggered travel plans, we haven't spent a day without each other.  With her, I've gone through the thrilling roller coaster of life in Mexico.

At first I thought I was alone.  But as the four years have gone by, I've met more and more fellow expats with the same story; "I just came on vacations, but the day before I was supposed to leave ..."

They're here to this day, and married, or very close to it.  Some haven't even made the annual trips north that I have.

Don't think that coming with your parents, relatives or friends will help you.  I know one American who got to know his wife-to-be because she was a worker at their hotel and came to join the family in a game of cards.

Don't think that being a woman makes it any different.  I know almost as many young foreign women who were swept off their feet by a charming Latin stallion (well, OK, maybe not all are stallions, but that didn't make much of a difference; love is blind!).

Personally, I've never been happier.

But be careful;  If you are a single young, traveller this could happen to you, too.

(By the way, the weather wasn't warm - Mexico City was colder than Toronto that August; the culture was great, though.)


  1. Another one bites the dust!!!

    Bienvenido a Mexico

  2. These Mexicans... Even if your at home, they will go and take u to live in Mex... :D