Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you ever seen a tree like this one?

Notice the woven trunk, which is actually one single trunk!
I've never seen a tree like this one before.  The trunk, as seen in the picture, is a series of "smaller trunks" woven together into the cylindrical shape seen; the really impressive thing is that the points where the "smaller trunks" touch, they are actually fused together sharking the same bark; they've actually grown together and become attached.  So the trunk you see is actually one single trunk, shaped as a hollow cylinder with a woven service.

I've seen some larger trees around here, that seem to have multiple parts of one large trunk, sometimes even with spaces between parts of them, but never anything like this.

This was clearly planned and somehow "convinced" to grow this way.  But I can't image how it is possible. 

If anyone reading this blog knows how this works, please tell me!

We found this tree downtown Playa del Carmen, at the main city bus transfer point. Next time I go by, I might just knock and ask.  I'm very impressed by this strange but beautiful plant.

I uploaded the photo with higher resolution than normal so you can view it with more detail if you like.

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  1. I have seen them, A lot, in my home town, at the center of Mexico. Is something pretty much used there. But haven't once wondered how they make them grow that way. I don't know why I never asked how. Might be because they were a common thing around.