Saturday, February 19, 2011

What's Wrong With This Sign?

The sign announcing the power outage.
 This is a sign that was posted throughout our neighborhood yesterday.  For anyone who doesn't read Spanish, It says:

Dear Residents:

We are informing you that the electric company will be turning off the power between approximately 1 pm and 2 pm, for the purpose of repairs.  Thank you for your understanding!

What's wrong with this message?  Well, if you're not sure, the following are my complaints:

  • It doesn't state which DAY the power will be turned off.
  • Electric work is NEVER completed in 1 hr.
  • The paper signs were randomly pasted in visible, but completely unprotected areas, like on this electric power box, or on the walls separating the homes from the main road; this morning only one of the 5 we saw were remaining.  This is as much a problem with social responsibility as with the community council's method of communication.  This is a really big problem here; it's really common that people destroy, remove or deface things just to be a nuisance to other people.  They could have put some in stores, etc.

The only sign remaining after less than 24 hours.
At least it's a small improvement. Up until this yesterday, we've never been informed of electric work and the resulting power outages.   So, it's one small step ahead.  Hopefully they put the date on next time.

It must be noted, however, that the date may not have been put on because they themselves were not sure of when they would do the work.  The signs may have been a response to complaints, without any real intentions of solving the problems of lack of communication.

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