Monday, January 3, 2011

The Morning Edition - Raising Kids

Here's something new I'm going to add; the "Morning Edition."  This will be just a brief overview/commentary on of my themes, and links to the posts I've already written.

Today will be the first theme I actually wrote about in my blog - my experience raising my son (now sons, plural) in Mexico.  So far, I've written about:

Raising Kids to be Bilingual (click on the title to read)
HA banana-shaped lunch container,  which I thought was useless, but some readers really disagreed.
My son learning to pedal a trike!
My son's opinion on the language our dog speaks - and our new baby
Mexican Birthday Parties and Introverts
Kids preferences on how many friends to have (a typical Mexican opinion vs. my own.)
Some of my son's little habits

Not all of them are directly related to living in Mexico as a Canadian, but a few of them comment on differences.  I still have a lot more to write both about my kids specifically, and about some ideas that seem pretty common in Mexico, but I don't think would occur to anyone in Canada or many other places.  Some of these will come soon.

I hope you enjoy reading a post that you haven't yet

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