Friday, January 14, 2011

Vacation for $100 - part 2, A Meal in the Market

Me and My Wife in Veracruz
(for Part 1, see Vacation for $100)

Over our stay in Veracruz, we found many enjoyable things to do, for very little money.   I remember one meal we had in the city's central market.  It was a pretty good fried-fish dinner, which included a drink, rice, beans and tortillas, for only $2.  I remember it being delicious.  That may be because I was really hungry, and I knew we had well under $50 now.  In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

While we were eating, there were two local women sitting right next to my wife.  They were perhaps in their early 20's or late teens?  I was to involved in my meal to take much notice.  They were chatting during the meal, but my Spanish was still in early stages at the time, and with a local accent, (plus, again, my main focus on the meal) I didn't listen or understand any of what they said.

Later, walking away from the food stand, my wife asked me if I had understood what they were talking about.  I said no.

"One of them liked you," she explained, "and was telling her friend about it."

She went on to explain that the lady cooking the food had scolded her, saying that she should be ashamed to be talking that way about a guy when his wife/girlfriend is right beside him.  The first woman replied that she didn't care; my wife wasn't her friend, and she didn't even know her.

Far from upset, it gave my wife a good laugh.  It was surprising; this woman was sitting right beside her when she was saying these things. Bazaar. (Also bazaar was that at the time I had crazy, curly hair that stuck out every direction and a somewhat untrimmed beard, and wearing old, worn out clothes; not the "cool" kind, but just clothes that really were old from too much use - far from the image of clean shaven Latin stallion, well dressed, with his black hair slicked back.  What was the attraction?  I guess "foreign" holds a lure everywhere, tasteful or not.)

But the fish definitely was good, as far as I can remember.

Part 3 to come ...

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